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Thrilling Supercar Driving Experience

When you consider the fact that a car enthusiast and an aircraft enthusiast is separated by only about a half chromosome, then Precision Exotics is the perfect answer for them both. We not only offer you the opportunity to drive the most recognizable exotic cars in the world, but we do so at the most exciting venue possible, a live airshow! Precision Exotics is a proud member of ICAS, the International Council of Air Shows. We travel to airshows across the country bringing our collection of exotic vehicles to the tarmac. We offer those attending the airshow a chance to test their skills behind the wheel of some of the most recognizable exotic cars in the world.


Precision Exotics has partnered with some of the biggest names in the airshow industry to bring unique performances to select air shows across the country. Some performances may include car vs car or car vs plane in high speed runway races. Others may include a personnel transfer from car to plane and even showcase para jumpers landing in a moving car! Different performances are currently being developed and will possibly be a part of an air show near you soon!

The "Precision Autocross"

The Precision Autocross is a specially designed, coned track that's normally setup on the airshow grounds. It's a great way to experience every aspect of an exotic car's blistering speed, braking ability and handling prowess. After you've completed registration you'll meet your driving instructor, get a comprehensive overview of the exotic you've chosen and then take to the track for 3 laps of intense enjoyment.

The "Precision Extreme Drive"

The name says it all, "Extreme"! Our autocross is a great way to showcase our car's exquisite handling, insane braking ability and overall performance. The "Quick Drive" allows one to feel the pure euphoria that comes with driving one of these machines on the open road. With the "Precision Extreme Drive", you can experience what it's like to push a super car past the 160 MPH barrier. This experience will be a welcomed assault on your senses as you take the wheel and push the speed to the edge of the envelope. As with each of our products, you'll sign in, choose your rocket sled and one of our professional instructors will strap in next to you, coaching you along the entire way. These are normally performed on closed runways so there's always plenty of room to really stretch the legs of the exotic of your choice.

The "Precision Quick Drive"

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be that person on the road that has the ride everyone else is starring at? Take a 10 mile, round trip cruise with our "Quick Drive" and then you won't have to wonder, you'll know. With our "Quick Drive" experience you'll sign in, get a run down of the car of your choice and you'll take to the streets with a Precision employee riding shotgun to show you the route and to answer any questions you may have during your drive on the open road.

Things to Know

Some air shows are free, some aren't. When we offer our driving experiences at shows that have ticket fees, it is required that each participant of our event as well as everyone in their party is prepared to purchase a general admissions ticket to the show. Once you’ve entered the airshow grounds, proceed to our operations desk where you'll provide us with your prepaid voucher, a copy of your driver's license and proof of full coverage insurance. After a brief overview and familiarization of the car of your choice, a professional driving instructor will accompany you to the car and teach you how to harness the car’s full potential. Don't worry, if you haven't purchased a prepaid voucher, you can visit our online store here and make your purchase or you'll have the opportunity to purchase the experience at the desk as long as time slots are still available the day of the event.

We have video options as well and after your drive, you’ll be welcome to take photos with your friends and family in and around the cars with your own camera or phone. For those that don’t meet the minimum requirements to drive, or would just prefer to be driven, one of our instructors would be happy to take you as a passenger with any of our driving experiences.

The requirements for taking a drive with any of our experiences are a valid driver's license, a minimum age of 18 and proof of full-coverage auto insurance. The requirements for riding along with an instructor are anyone under 18 needs a signature from a legal guardian, but there's no license or insurance required, and there is no minimum age restriction as long as the rider fits securely in the passenger seat with the safety belt fastened.

Cancellation/Refund policy: Due to the nature of our business model, all sales are considered final and non-refundable except in the case when an air show or special event is cancelled outright due to weather or acts beyond the control of Precision Exotics that completely disallow any operations as advertised. It is recommended that for our higher priced items individuals purchase event cancellation insurance from a third party provider for such cancellations.